Starting Over

Hello! I’ve just migrated this blog from another hosting site that was, well, a little isolated. I realised quite early on that I should have chosen WordPress – I was really looking for a blogging community to get involved with – but I was seduced by another hosting site that promised easy setup, click and drop page composition but didn’t mention the lack of connectivity with other bloggers.


My former hosting site was a little lonely for this blogger.

Hmmm. I know what you’re thinking. I should have done my research.  It’s true.

Reader, I blogged in haste and  fretted through the winter and procrastinated through the early days of spring, but this week I finally took the plunge and moved here. And I’m glad. Even if there have been a few technical hitches along the way – jumbled entries, lost content, missing images…

This blog is a writing journal. I discuss the writing process, writers I’m interested in, books and other things that catch my interest from stuffed crocodiles to Matroyska dolls. I’ve archived some posts from the old site that are seasonal – the ghost story I wrote for the Feminist Times for example,  A Merry Christmas Mr Dickens is here if you like your festive spine tinglers in May, that is.


A Merry Christmas Mr Dickens : a ghost story for every season.

We had a murmuration of starlings over the winter and I wrote about them and their incredible formations here. Whilst sitting by the fire  I  compiled a list of ten of the best ghost stories  for a winter’s evening. I responded to the U.S. election by suggesting some comfort reads, subsequently reminding myself of the Aesop fable The Wolf and The Lamb.

You can just scroll back through the postings from the winter if you prefer.

Feel free to leave comments – I’ll definitely respond. I’m looking forward to getting in touch with other bloggers.


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